Brave New Worlds is more than just an event. It’s a multi-faceted educational resource that will help you adapt to the forces redefining advertising.

Our goal is simple: to make you better at your job by providing actionable insights across the most disruptive data, marketing, and analytics challenges of our time. But don’t take our word for it. We bring together the leading operators across brand, agency, platform, and analyst communities to share real-world use cases, award-winning research, and the strategic guidance you need to succeed in this brave new marketing world.


Conceived and created in 2020 during unparalleled disruption in the data, marketing, and analytics world, Brave New Worlds has attracted over 5,000 attendees to date.

Hundreds of speakers representing the leading minds in the advertising and analytics world have participated across Fortune 1,000 brands, agencies, publishers, platforms, and the analyst community.


Creator and Director:

Brett House

Vice President, Marketing Solutions

Production, Promotion, and Thought Leadership:

Allyson Dietz

Director of Product Marketing, Analytics

Christopher Yeich

Senior Director, Integrated Marketing and Content

Emily Hyde

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing and Content

Robert Drew

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing and Content

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