Attend the virtual summit on

November 9 & 10, 2021

Brave New Worlds is a virtual summit built to offer education, inspiration, and incredible networking opportunities as we enter marketing's next chapter.

The summit will be held online.

Join with hundreds of executives, thought-leaders, and decision-makers online at the summit of the year or marketing professionals.


This event takes place over 2 days with on-demand content added over the course of weeks and months in a custom, state-of-the-art virtual events platform.


Featuring some of the brightest minds and best speakers in the industry, the content at Brave New Worlds attracts both interest and engagement in-person and online.


Designed to integrate the most cutting-edge tech stack, the virtual meeting platform being leveraged for Brave New Worlds 2021 will offer attendees the most realistic experience within an online forum. From virtual sponsor booths to real-time chat features to enabling remote breakout sessions on demand, the state-of-the-art platform brings keynotes, attendees, and sponsors into a dynamic, engaging ecosystem built for collaboration. Best of all, when the summit is complete, the platform empowers your community and partners with individualized and actionable sales data.



Remote Innovator Spotlight

Produce a session that highlights your brand. This session will be added to the official run of show.

5 Minutes

3 Minutes

Sitewide Branding

Feature your full-color logo across the site with a hyperlink to your custom sponsor page.

Placement in an exclusive row with 150-word description

Placement in a shared exclusive row with 100-word description

Logo Placement

Broadcast Animated CTA

Your logo will tastefully animate-in over the video player for a given amount of time. A custom CTA will drive attendees to visit your sponsor page.

12 Seconds
2x Per Day

10 Seconds
1x Per Day

Sitewide Dynamic Messaging Banner

Customize a 100 character message to be broadcasted sitewide during your branded sessions (Download Our Whitepaper, Schedule a 1:1 Meeting, etc)

2x Per Day

1x Per Day

Logo Placement On "Welcome Loop" Before Main Sessions

Featured logo placement within the Welcome Loop, which will run 30 minutes before the main sessions start during the event.

Attendee To Sponsor Meeting Request Mechanism

Connect with remote attendees directly through attendee-requested video meetings throughout the event.

Complete Analytic Package

Review registration data for every attendee who visited your booth, watched any of your videos, or accessed any of your downloadable resources.

Branded Sponsor Page

Customize your branded sponsor page on the site. Enhance engagement with attendees interested in your brand through a pre-recorded video, live chat, custom headlines, CTAs, and offers.

Branded Sponsor Page - Elite Level Customization

Branded Sponsor Page

Branded Sponsor Page





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Ready To Become A Sponsor?

Want to get your brand in front of the leading marketers, technologists, and data scientists across the world’s largest brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms? If so, this is the summit for you.

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