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Session Duration: 6:32

Keynote Intro

Marketing's Next Chapter, Data Strategy

Michael Schoen, SVP and GM of Neustar Marketing Solutions, introduces the data strategies and approaches that will define Marketing's Next Chapter.

Michael Schoen

SVP and GM, Marketing Solutions


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Session Duration: 18:59


Foundations, Data, and The Future of Media

Matt Sweeney, Chief Investment Officer of GroupM, presents the new rules of the brave new media world. He will demonstrate how brands and agencies can accelerate the integration of linear and addressable media – in a time of unprecedented change – to deliver better business outcomes.

Matt Sweeney

Chief Investment Officer


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Session Duration: 59:09


Don't Believe the Hype: Investigate, Invest, or Ignore

What data and marketing strategies should you prioritize? Partnerships you should forge? Technologies you should invest in? What hype should you be ignoring? Learn from marketing leaders across the executive panel to help you identify the opportunities, pitfalls, and companies to watch.

Devon DeBlasio

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Jess Simpson

SVP Global Identity, Data & Tech Consulting

Publicis Groupe

Lori Walker

Director of Product Management


John Baronello

VP of Digital Transformation

Cardinal Path

Dan McKinney

VP, Data & Analytics, and Audience Insights


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Session Duration: 34:36


Best Decisions Possible - Analytics Organizations that Make a Difference

Neustar Vice President Marc Vermut interviews Facebook’s VP of Data Science, A. Charles Thomas, on the data science strategies and solutions critical to driving incremental value for brand, customer, shareholder, public, and team member stakeholders.

Marc Vermut

Vice President


A. Charles Thomas

VP, Data Science


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Session Duration: 3:02

Keynote Intro

Marketing’s Next Chapter, Analytics

Michael Schoen, SVP and GM of Neustar Marketing Solutions, introduces the analytics strategies and approaches that will define Marketing's Next Chapter.

Michael Schoen

SVP and GM, Marketing Solutions


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Session Duration: 26:46


The Future of Advertising: 2022 and Beyond

Joanna O'Connell, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, presents the latest research on the future of advertising, and the forces at play that are changing the marketing landscape. She will show how brands can't afford to take a "wait and see" approach, but must evolve their marketing strategies now to avoid future losses in audience reach and revenue.

Joanna O’Connell

VP, Principal Analyst


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Session Duration: 48:34


Serious Decisions: Making Analytics Actionable

This session will demonstrate how brands can quickly turn insights into action and set the stage for continuous improvements in ROI across their marketing investments.

Joe Koudsi

VP, Product


Joezen Punongbayan

Senior Director, Solutions Engineering/Sales


Shane McAndrew

Global Chief Data Strategy and Analytics Officer


Eddie Drake

Senior Vice President, Marketing Data Strategy & Analytics

Bank of America

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Session Duration: 22:14


General Motors, A Brand Case Study

Dorean Kass, Executive Vice President at Neustar, interviews General Motors’ Ajay Kapoor, Global Director, Performance Division, Marketing, to see how GM is adapting to the major forces that are reshaping the face of advertising in the next few years. This real-world use case will illustrate how GM is getting closer to consumers by leveraging first-party data and other regulation-compliant, identity-based solutions.

Dorean Kass

Executive Vice President


Ajay Kapoor

Global Director, Performance Driven Marketing

General Motors

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Session Duration: 37:51


The Identity Dialogues: Always-On Marketing, Fact or Fiction?

Our panel of identity resolution experts will discuss why today's marketing executives need a strategic foundation that includes an always-on identity data strategy, and how to avoid the pitfalls that cost companies time, money, and customers.

Joanna O’Connell

VP, Principal Analyst


Steve Silvers

SVP and GM, Product


Andy Fisher

Head of Merkury Advanced TV

Merkle Inc.

Travis Clinger

SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem


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Session Duration: 53:07


Revenge of the Publisher: Does Audience Intent Matter More than Identity?

There has been little transparency around the fidelity of third-party data. And the industry has done too little to change – until now. Publishers have an opportunity to ensure that their data is the cornerstone of a new currency. This panel will discuss the frameworks needed to make this happen in a way that is privacy-compliant and consumer-friendly, zeroing in on opportunities and pitfalls associated with collecting first-party information on both anonymous and authenticated users, including browsing behavior and contextual data.

Ade Adeosun

VP, Marketing Solutions & Advertising Partnerships


Maddy Want

Senior Director of Product Management

Index Exchange

Tyler Imoto

VP Data Solutions and Strategy


Steven Francolla

Head of Partnerships


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Session Duration: 48:19


The Data Management Dilemma: Does Everyone Need a CDP?

Are much-talked-about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) critical to marketing success now and in the future? This panel will evaluate consumer data management and targeting use cases to help you understand the current and future state of CDPs and their ability to generate value for brands across the data and marketing lifecycle.

Justin DeBrabant

Head of Product


Ryan Engle

Head of Product, Customer Intelligence


Kevin Farley

Global Head, Marketing Analytics


Brian Stavis

Global Category Lead, Digital Customer Experience Solutions

Amazon Web Services

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